Main Results

Best practices of WIA

A guide presenting best practices of whole institution approach to sustainability [WP2]

A Systemic Framework for WIA to sustainability

This systemic framework presents the pillars of sustainability as well as the domains withing the pillars  [WP2]

Open Educational Resource for the Development of the Sustainability Competence for Educators/Leaders of Educational Institutions and administrative personnel [WP3]

Methodology Guide: “Route map for the transformation of Educational Institutions into WIA to sustainability” [WP4]

This route-map methodology is aligned with the Systemic Framework for the WIA to Sustainability and supports Educational Institutions to implement activities to demonstrate sustainability on the different domains of the pillars

Open Education Resource for the training of the Transformation Agents [WP4]


Self-assessment tool to assess the level of the EI as far as the WIA to sustainability is concerned [WP5]

The self-assessment tool assesses the current situation of the Educational Institutions, as far as WIA is concerned either on their own or through the support of the transformation agents. This self assessment tool will provide the current level as far as WIA to sustainability in concerned that may be one of the following:

  • Awareness,
  • Into Action
  • WIA to sustainability