Aims and Objectives

SUSEDI aims to transform Educational Institutions (EIs) using the Whole Institution Approach (WIA) to sustainability, so that they will act in the three roles:

Development of sustainability awareness and sustainability culture in the community

Pedagogical Role

Role institution

The main nine objectives of the project are:

  • To develop a Systemic Framework for WIA (Whole Institution Approach) to Sustainability with pillars (i.e. areas of work such as SOCIAL, PEDAGOGICAL and ORGANISATIONAL) and domains within pillars.
  • To develop and certify (with ISO17024) the sustainability competence of the personnel of Educational Institutions (leaders, educators and administrative staff) based on the Green Comp through the use of an Open Educational Resource and a digital assessment tool.
  • To develop the guide “Route map for the transformation of Educational Institutions into WIA to sustainability” that will include steps to transformation and proposed activities in the pillars and domains of the systemic framework for WIA to sustainability.
  • To develop and certify (with ISO17024) transformation agents that will support Educational Institutions during their transformation into the WIA to sustainability (and again develop an open educational resource for them).
  • To develop a self-assessment tool that will be used by Educational Institutions to assess their current situation as far as WIA to sustainability is concerned either on their own or through the support of the transformation agents.
  • To develop a certification standard aligned with ISO for Educational Institutions to certificate their transformation into the WIA to sustainability in three different levels: Awareness, Into Action and WIA to sustainability.
  • To transform into and certify the institutions in the consortium on one of the certification levels developed according to their current situation.
  • To develop an alliance of Educational Institutions adopting or in the process of transformation towards WIA.
  • To promote the certification scheme to other Educational Institutions inside and outside the countries of the consortium.